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Position:Product / Weighing Transmitter
Digital Weight Transmitter
Product model:ADS323

Channel : 1 Channel

Work voltage: 6-12vdc, Signal output: RS422

Application: digital weighing, weightindicator, process control instrumentforce test…

Product specifications

Measuring range: ±15mV
Hardware Interface: RS-232interface
Software Protocol:  Freeport protocol
A/D Resolution:1000000
Temperature coefficient:≤5ppm/℃(typical)
A/D conversion, digital calibration, tare, zero setting/tracking, switch-on zero setting, anti-dithering;
All the parameters can be set through serial interface; Module addresses are available from 0 to 31. Modules can work through bus communication;
Baud rate, parity bit and data output format can be set. 1200~38400bps;
Digital filtering: standard filtering or LPF;
Sampling speed: 3.125~400Hz;
Storage of the parameters with protection against power failure;
Operating Voltage: 9V DC(6.5V~12V); Operating Current:≤40mA;
Complete protection: wrong wiring protection, overvoltage protection, transient voltage suppression;
Operating temperature range: -40℃~+70℃; Storage temperature range: -60℃~+90℃


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  1. Pressure type:gauge pressure, Absolute Pressure,negative pressure
  2. Pressure range:min -25MPA ;max: 800Mpa
  3. Measure meidum: air,liquid,melt,mixture
  4. Medium temp: lowest temp.-196c, normal: -20c to 60c,high tem: 125c, 200c, 400c,800c, 1200c
  5. Work voltage: 3vdc, 5vdc, 10vdc, 24vdc
  6. Analog output: mv/v, 0-5vdc, 0.5-4.5vdc, 0-10vdc or 4-20mA
  7. Digital output: RS232, RS485, HART, BUS CAN
  8. Location indicator:point LED, LCD
  9. Thred size: M type G type, NPT, UNF
  10. Connector: AMP, Hirschman, clamp nut, Packard, other
  11. Wire lenght:0-100m
  12. Material: 316L, 304, alloy aliminum
  14. Anticorrosive: Strong acid, alkali, high temperature and humidity
  15. Purchase: pcs, set
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