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Position:Product / Infrared Pyrometer
Infrared Colorimetric Colorimetric pyrometer
Product model:MLC616HTS

Range: 600-1400c, 700-1800c, 900-2400c, 1000-3000c

Sensor: 0.85~1.1um/0.95um

Signal output: CPI, mv, 0-5vdc, 0-10vdc, 4-20mA

Application: Industrial smelting, aluminum thermal processing, heat treatment, glass processing, paper industry, textile industry, rubber processing, plastics processing, petrochemical industries, cement production, food hygiene, pharmaceutical production, fire detection

Product specifications

Technical parameters
Capability range: 600-1400c, 700-1800c, 900-2400c, 1000-3000c
Measurement wavelength 0.85~1.1um/0.95um
Distance coefficient 100:1 (Optional microwave special type)
System accuracy ±0.5% or ±1centigrade
Repeat accuracy ±0.2% or ±1centigrade )
Temperature resolution 1 centigrade
Response time 20ms (95%)
Environmental Class IP65 (NEMA-4)
Ambient temperature 0-60centigrade
Storage Temperature -20-80centigrade
Relative humidity 10-95%, No condensation
Weight 120g


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  1. Pressure type:gauge pressure, Absolute Pressure,negative pressure
  2. Pressure range:min -25MPA ;max: 800Mpa
  3. Measure meidum: air,liquid,melt,mixture
  4. Medium temp: lowest temp.-196c, normal: -20c to 60c,high tem: 125c, 200c, 400c,800c, 1200c
  5. Work voltage: 3vdc, 5vdc, 10vdc, 24vdc
  6. Analog output: mv/v, 0-5vdc, 0.5-4.5vdc, 0-10vdc or 4-20mA
  7. Digital output: RS232, RS485, HART, BUS CAN
  8. Location indicator:point LED, LCD
  9. Thred size: M type G type, NPT, UNF
  10. Connector: AMP, Hirschman, clamp nut, Packard, other
  11. Wire lenght:0-100m
  12. Material: 316L, 304, alloy aliminum
  14. Anticorrosive: Strong acid, alkali, high temperature and humidity
  15. Purchase: pcs, set
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